Spring Break Cruises

Your Spring Break Cruise Experts

Spring Break is what started our agency. We know what it takes to make Spring Break epic and memorable. As undergraduates, we went on a new cruise every year for Spring Break, building favorable reputations with both cruise companies and local island bar owners alike. In the process, we gathered information on what cruises would provide us and our friends with the most entertainment, best food, most beautiful destinations, and above all else… the craziest parties. Once we graduated, we were still being asked by friends, and their friends, that were still in college, questions like: “What is the best cruise?” “Where do we go for Spring Break?”. We shortly started organizing our first cruise group and called it College Party CruiseWhat started as a group of 80 college students on our first organized group cruise back in 2015, has grown to a fully hosted theme cruise for Spring Break, with over 1,000 college students on each cruise.

We are not just another travel agency that “books and dumps” college kids on whatever cruise an agent feels like will give them the most commission. Other agents and agencies are completely out of touch with what it means to be in college, and now there is no reason for anyone looking for a good Spring Break to have to contact any of these companies again. We will never recommend a cruise that we wouldn’t personally go on ourselves.

Why Cruise for Spring Break?

In college, we did a cruise every year for Spring Break until we graduated (as 5th/6th years… #NeverGraduate). The fact is: You cannot beat a cruise for Spring Break. Cruises are CHEAP and EASY… just what a college student needs.

  • Cruises are cheap: Cruises are often cheaper than just a flight to the Caribbean.
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) are included: We’re not just talking about hot dogs and pizza like some “All inclusive” Spring Break resorts. Cruises have various complimentary dining options, including the main dining rooms, a help-yourself buffet and a variety of casual cafés, grills and on-the-go choices. From fresh-baked breads, desserts and pastries to the chefs’ original dishes made with the freshest ingredients.
  • All entertainment is included: No cover charges to worry about at the clubs. Comedy shows, deck parties, karaoke bars, and more… all cruises feature a Vegas style casino.
  • Drink/Open Bar packages available: You can purchase unlimited drink packages for about $50 per night… and we’re not talking about drinking cheap liquor form plastic handles. You will be drinking top shelf liquor all day and night on-board the ship and in the cruise-line’s private islands.
  • Cruises are easy: Probably the best thing about the cruise is that you simply don’t have to plan anything. You don’t have to worry about transportation/cab rides, or making sure everyone came back from the club.
  • Cruises are safe: Following up on the point above. The bars, clubs, and after parties are all within feet of your cabin. No transportation, DDs, or sketchy people in the club or the street to worry about at night. Security is always close by if you need help.
  • No passport required: Visit various islands in the Caribbean and you don’t even need a passport (US Citizens can travel with just their birth certificate together with Photo ID).

Our Featured Spring Break Cruises:

Every year, we find the best itinerary and cruise for each Spring Break week. Our selections will be listed below in July 2018.