Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Cruises


Are you a groomsman or bridesmaid in charge of planning a bachelor or bachelorette party? Looking for the perfect destination party but planning flights, hotels, transportation, activities, meeting times, clubs, dinner reservations, etc… seems overwhelming? What if we told you we had the perfect solution. A cruise! A cruise is the best and easiest way to get all the bridesmaids or groomsmen together for a destination bachelor/bachelorette party, for a relatively low cost, and it includes everything! With our help, you will be able to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party cruise in less time than it takes to plan a single night out.

We have several reasons why a cruise is the perfect venue for your group:

1. Cruises are Affordable

Cruises are often cheaper than just a flight to the Caribbean. A 3 – 4 night cruise can be found for less than $400, and this includes accommodations, food, and entertainment. What about drinks? Most cruise lines offer unlimited drink packages priced at around $60 per day. That’s nothing considering how much drinks are in Miami or Vegas.

You also cannot beat the flexibility cruises provide with their pricing. Your rich moneybags friends can book a penthouse or suite and your broke friends can book an Inside Cabin and you still won’t be very far away from each other. Also, you don’t have to worry about finances while on the cruise since everything is included… so even if your cheapest friend is always saying “I’m broke” you don’t have to worry about the party being over.

2. Everything is Included

You will not have to fight over the bill when you are on a cruise…

All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) are included: Cruises have various complimentary dining options, including the main dining rooms, a help-yourself buffet and a variety of casual cafés, grills and on-the-go choices. From fresh-baked breads, desserts and pastries to the chefs’ original dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Whether its steak, seafood, burgers or pizza, you will definitely NOT starve on a cruise.

All entertainment is included: No cover charges to worry about at the clubs. Comedy shows, deck parties, karaoke bars, Broadway style musicals, dueling pianos, games and trivia, and more… If you like to gamble, all cruises feature a Vegas style casino.

3. Unlimited Supply of Alcohol

Long gone are the days of people sneaking liquor in mouthwash bottles when going on cruises. DON’T DO THAT! You will be caught and be left behind at the port. Cruise lines caught on to this and started offering drink packages which are extremely convenient. For one low cost per day (around $60 per day) you can drink all the top shelf liquor that you want.

4. No Designated Driver Needed

The club and casino are only a few feet away from your cabin, so there will be no need to call an Uber at the end of the night or worry about who would be the designated driver. Your group can party all they want together and then wobble back to their cabins at the end of the night without worrying about a thing.

5. Cruises are Easy to Plan

We already made this point earlier. But we cannot emphasize this enough. There is literally nothing that you need to plan other than picking the cruise. You also do not have to cover for anybody else’s costs. Everyone can pay their own cruise fare with their own card. A cruise eliminates all the logistical issues that a typical bachelor or bachelorette party always brings up… the hardest thing you will have to figure out is who will be rooming with who. We will take care of everything for you, starting with your own group booking page to have everyone book their own cabin.

Why Book your Group Cruise with Ignite Cruises?

  1. Best Prices and Amenities – As an affiliate of Travel Leaders Network, the $21 billion a year travel industry giant, and a consistent top producer with the world’s leading cruise lines, Ignite Cruises has established the buying power that ensures that our clients receive the travel industry’s very best pricing and a generous array of travel amenities.
  2. Personalized Group Page – We will set up your own group booking page for you to be able to have a central place to share information about the cruise and have everyone book.
  3. Personal and Experienced Service – Booking directly with a cruise line or with another large travel agency will get you an agent in one of their call centers that probably has never been on the cruise they are selling you. When you book with us, you get a dedicated cruise advisor that has traveled on a bachelor party cruise themselves. We will never recommend something that we have not experienced ourselves.


Ready to start planning? The earlier you decide on a cruise, the better (and cheaper) it will be for everyone. Contact us today and we will help you make your bachelor or bachelorette party cruise one that you will never forget!

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